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Discovering The Delta Collection

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Welcome to Jen McKinney Fine Art, a website to call my own, and to the release of my first landscape collection, The Delta. Join me in my exploration of the Southern landscape through soft pastel and acrylic paintings. In this collection, I worked to recreate the places that have shaped me, the moments that have fastened themselves to my soul. I have driven many hours down highways leading home. These roads give way to panoramic displays of farmlands and rivers that stretch beyond my small frame of vision. They remind me of my name, where I am from, what I believe, and who I am. The Delta is an invitation to wonder at the beauty of the agrarian landscape and contemplate the roads that brought you here and where you will dare to venture next. Thank you for becoming part of this journey. Subscribe for beautiful emails with VIP access to collection releases and my upcoming holiday promotions.

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